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Fine & Oriental rug cleaning service

Oriental and Area rugs tend to be handmade or through machine manufactured. Proper fiber identification is very important in order to wash the rug correctly without damaging the actual fibers or rug high quality.

 Oriental rugs are usually made with organic fibers and chemical dyes; this requires these rugs to be treated along with special care. Your AAA expert is trained to build up a strategy to wash your most sensitive rugs

 We are area rug cleaners focusing on Cleaning of brand new and antique fine rugs, Persian rugs as well as carpets, Navajo rugs, all sorts of area rugs as well as tapestries.

 Although the majority of handmade area rugs tend to be of wool, silk and cotton we're knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with rugs and carpets made from other natural materials such aloe, hemp, cactus in addition to rugs with customized and synthetic materials.

 Our oriental carpet Cleaning methods work and well adapted for many rugs and carpets made from natural and artificial fibers. Our rug cleaning methods and actions insure removal associated with foreign particles for example fine dust, grid, things that trigger allergies, pathogens, moth eggs along with other residues trapped heavy inside



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NY Rug cleaning, rug cleaning Queens, Brooklyn Rug cleaning


AAA Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning technicians use only non-toxic, non-flammable, baby friendly; pet friendly, bio degradable cleaning products..

Persia Rug Cleaning NYC, Fine Off-Site Cleaning NYC

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Some of the type of rugs and carpets we clean are:


  • Antique rug cleaning

  • oriental rug cleaning

  • Persian rug cleaning

  • Silk rug cleaning

  • Wool rug cleaning

  • Turkish rug cleaning

  • Kilim rug cleaning

  • Shag rug cleaning

  • Chinese rug cleaning

  • Cotton rug cleaning

  • Egyptian rug cleaning

and many more.....


Quality Work At Affordable Prices.

Wool Rug Cleaning NYC

Rug Repair & Restoration

Our repair services include:

·         Repair & restoration of any type of rug;

fine imported, domestic, hand and machine-made rugs.

·         Binding repair.

·         Machine fringing.

·         Hand fringing.

·         Add or cut fringes.

·         Restoration of colors and designs.

·         Fixing holes & Holes Patching.

·         Blocking of rugs.

·         Water damage restoration.

·         Binding and overcasting.

·         Spot & stains removal.

·         Hand-patching and reweaving of any type of rug.

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