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The techniques of carpet Cleaning AAA provides include steam Cleaning (hot water extraction), dry Cleaning, deep Cleaning and much more. We are specialists in both residential and commercial carpet cleaning, and can determine which method is right for your carpet.  For more information on our carpet cleaning services click here.

brooklyn carpet cleaning, queens carpet cleaning, NYC carpet cleaning

More individuals are now realizing that rugs help bring color as well as warmth to any kind of home, with a wide variety of types of rugs obtainable, keeping them thoroughly clean and hygienic entails sophisticated treatments as well as equipment. For more information on our area rug cleaning services click here.

brooklyn carpet cleaning, queens carpet cleaning, NYC carpet cleaning

Proper fiber identification is very important in order to wash the rug correctly without damaging the actual fibers or rug high quality.

 Oriental rugs are usually made with organic fibers and chemical dyes; this requires these rugs to be treated along with special care. Your AAA expert is trained to build up a strategy to wash your most sensitive rugs. For more information on our Fine & Oriental rug cleaning services click here.

brooklyn carpet cleaning, Brooklyn rug cleaning, queens carpet cleaning

Cleaning upholstery successfully requires just as much knowledge as cleaning carpets. At AAA Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning we have that knowledge and understanding of fabrics and the way they react to various Cleaning methods and that not all fabrics are ideal for wet Cleanings. For more information on our upholstery cleaning services click here.

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It may be extremely counter-productive to wash carpeting, rugs, and upholstery without putting the home's mattresses into consideration. Many people don't understand just how soiled mattresses could possibly get - especially since most of the soil within mattresses is unseen. For more information on Mattress cleaning click here.

brooklyn carpet cleaners, queens carpet cleaners, NYC rug cleaning

Whenever fire and water dominate your life, we offer the support and services to help you regain control. AAA Carpet, rug & upholstery Cleaning focuses on the cleanup as well as restoration of home and commercial properties following a fire, smoke, or water damage and mold situation. For more information on our Fire & Water Damge services click here.

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AAA Carpet. rug & upholstery Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company, providing services with regard to small offices, professional suites and business premises.We understand how easy it is for your businesses carpets to become extremely soiled very quickly.  For more information on our Commercial Cleaning services click here.

Special Services

Odor Removal & Stain Removal

Anyone who has a pet understands that pet odors can often be a problem. Cat owners are particularly conscious of this-if their scent remains, they will continue to come to the same spot. Pets who are susceptible to "accidents" can give your house an unpleasant odor.


We use a number of products that may eliminate urine as well as fecal odors, along with other odors, from carpets as well as furniture. Some contain enzymes which will actually break down the origin of the odor. Odors need to be eliminated when they first occur, since the longer an odor remains on the surface, the harder it will likely be to remove.


Waiting too much time requires professional Cleaning services to get rid of these unpleasant odors. We will help you with pet spot removal, and every other stain or odor elimination, so that your carpets and upholstery are looking great and smelling clean again.


You’ll feel comfortable and proud of your house once more-when you're free of pet stains and odors.


Scotchguard Treatment

We supply 3M Scotchgard as well as DuPont Teflon. Applying Scotchgard protection guarantees that the carpet or upholstery will clean up again and again by preventing long term stains from infiltrating the fibers of the carpet and upholstery.



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Sofa cleaning Brooklyn, Queens carpet cleaner, Green carpet cleaning NY

Deodorizers and Sanitizers

With a number of different scents to support our customers, the deodorizers are combined and sprayed prior to and after Cleaning. This dual remedy allows the fragrance to penetrate the fibers of the carpet and upholstery and also to sanitize (disinfect) the actual treated areas.


NY (646) 657-1350


NJ (201) 855-2435

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