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Area Rug Cleaning

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More individuals are now realizing that rugs help bring color as well as warmth to any kind of home, with a wide variety of types of rugs obtainable, keeping them thoroughly clean and hygienic entails sophisticated treatments as well as equipment.

 At AA Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning every rug is handled differently and uniquely then the others. Our friendly specialists carefully examine the health of the rug with regard to fading, discoloration, unsightly stains, wear, pre-existing harm, color instability as well as odors


Currently we offer the following area rug Cleaning services:

1. In-home rug cleaning.

2. Pick up as well as Cleaning in our advanced cleaning facility. The pick-up and delivery is definitely free at AAA Carpet  Cleaning.

Our highly qualified cleaning specialists determine the Cleaning method which best suits your rug's own particular weave, materials and dyes.


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For area rug cleaning NY call 646-657-1350

NY carpet cleaning, NJ carpet cleaning, Carpet cleaning Booklyn
NY carpet cleaning, NJ carpet cleaning, Rug & Carpet cleaning Brooklyn

Did you know?

Did you know that AAA Carpet Cleaning technicians use only non-toxic, non-flammable, baby friendly; pet friendly, bio degradable cleaning products

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NY (646) 657-1350


NJ (201) 855-2435

Rug Repair & Restoration

Our repair services include:

·         Repair & restoration of any type of rug; fine   imported, domestic, hand and machine-made rugs.

·         Binding repair.

·         Machine fringing.

·         Hand fringing.

·         Add or cut fringes.

·         Restoration of colors and designs.

·         Fixing holes & Holes Patching.

·         Blocking of rugs.

·         Water damage restoration.

·         Binding and overcasting.

·         Spot & stains removal.

·         Hand-patching and reweaving of any type of rug.

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