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Upholstery Cleaning Service

Cleaning upholstery successfully requires just as much knowledge as cleaning carpets. At AAA Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning we have that knowledge and understanding of fabrics and the way they react to various Cleaning methods and that not all fabrics are ideal for wet Cleanings.


A frequent deep clean of the upholstery will make sure for a longer life span for your favorite furniture. Upholstery involves a number of fabrics types.


Our experienced technicians can give you an instantaneous estimation of the necessary Cleaning service. Any kind of required Cleaning service could be provided by the professional technicians from easy to delicate fabrics.


We Handle

 Leather as well as fabric

 Sofas, love seats and all sorts of chairs

 dining chairs

 Recliners & ottomans

 Sectional set and much more...



Safety as well as achieving your desired results is our main concern. Before the primary job begins, we will test a little area of your upholstery to become absolutely sure that you'll be happy with the outcome.


Why replace your furniture when you are able to have it seem like new?

We can restore the color and extend the life span of your upholstered furniture all while using the best cleaning process for your type of fabric.

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NY carpet cleaning, brooklyn carpet cleaning, Carpet cleaning

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ny upholstery cleaning, queens upholstery cleaning, upholstery cleaning


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